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Social Media Usage in South Africa

According to Price Waterhouse Cooper’s, South African mobile internet subscribers are forecast to grow to 43 million in 2022. Here are some interesting statistics of social media usage in South Africa:

South Africa had almost 23 million active Facebook users in 2020.

The South African Instagram user base grew to about 5.43 million users by January 2021.

Twitter has about 9 million South African users as of the end of 2019 despite a generally negative sentiment towards the platform, proving that it is still a powerful social media tool.

TikTok exploded in usership since arriving in South Africa in late 2018; it is estimated that there were over 6 million South African users in 2020.

Membership on LinkedIn has grown significantly for smaller business in South Africa: it has increased membership of 70,000 new users for businesses reporting 1 to 10 employees, and 310,000 new users for businesses reporting 51 to 200 employees in 2020. This indicates that smaller business is seeing some of the benefits of digital marketing on the platform.

Source: World Wide Worx

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