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A well-planned digital marketing campaign

Content creation

A single digital marketing tool is never as effective as a well-planned campaign with a holistic approach. To make it holistic, you can try these 4 steps:


Attraction is about driving traffic to your website or other digital property.

You can reach people anywhere if they have access to the Internet with online advertising, email newsletters, social media or direct messages, for instance. Make sure you are noticed by search engines, especially by Google. It will generate organic traffic to the website if you utilise search engine optimisation (SEO) best practices.


Retention is about keeping visitors on your site and getting them to return.

Provide valuable content and keep the user experience enjoyable. You can find ways to encourage visitors to stay longer and come back again.


Conversion is about getting visitors to respond to your calls-to-action, ultimately making a purchase or any other thing significant to your business.

Excellent web design will assist in achieving more conversions. Good copywriting is essential but not the only solution.


Measurement is about tracking and analysing user data so that you can improve your website, see how you perform and fine-tune your marketing activities.

Web analytics plays an important role at this step of the marketing campaign, but we must say it’s only one of its many roles. There’s much more to it: intelligence event notifications, audience analysis and segmentation, internal and external benchmarking, to name just a few.

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